Crystal Palace

The Alluring Girls

Make the Girls Go Wild!

Bell Ring
For 7,500p all the ladies will receive a drink from you and you will receive a free t-shirt and a dedication on the mirror.
Tequila bell
For 4,200p you get 28 shots of tequila for any selection of girls of your choice along with a free t-shirt and a dedication on the mirror.
Rock the Block
For 6,000p you receive 24 bottles of beer that you can choose which ladies will share them with you and you will receive a free t-shirt and a dedication on the mirror.
Grab My Balls
For 3,000p 150 balls will rain from the ceiling sending the ladies into a frenzy.
Fellatio Bell
For 2,000p 10 girls of your choice will perform a Fellatio shooter drinking show.

Staying the night in Angeles City?

Scorebirds, Club Asia, Club Atlantis, Dollhouse, Tropix, Ponytails

Crystal Palace is one of the biggest bars located in the heart of the Angeles City Entertainment District behind Dollhouse Bar, next to Babydolls Restaurant. Join us for a fun and exciting night with our sexy entertainers including some of the most beautiful ladies in Angeles City.

Regular featured show groups including the “The Incredible Spinners” pole dancing group every Tuesday thru Saturday, nightly powerful dance performances, and our very own Crystal Palace Singing Diva every night.

Additionally our main attractions include our Cosmic Carnival Modeling Show starting at 9pm, 10:30pm and 12 midnight on Thursday and Saturday nights and our Black Tape Project Modeling Show Saturday nights a 9pm, 10:30pm and 12 midnight.

Crystal Palace is definitely your ultimate destination for a night of unforgettable fun in Angeles City Philippines. with 3 floors of seating  you can sit up close of enjoy the party from a good vantage point.

If you get hungry the Club Atlantis contains a sushi bar that can quickly deliver to our bar where you can find a wide range of items to order. However if you prefer something else we can provide menus for and deliver from other restaurants including Babydolls and  Dukes Restaurant located in the Score Birds hotel. If you prefer a smaller snack we offer free unlimited bowls of popcorn.